Friday, 3 October 2014

All about Fire alarm

Fire alarm is a general term for equipment or an alarm by humans who discovered the fire or by sensing the fire detector to operate the transmitter, to report to the fire department. Fire alarm maintenance to report residential fire alarm and automatic fire alarm system, the fire engine is included in this. Note, there may be referred to as a fire alarm in general, it is referred to as fire alarms in trade organizations and fire regulations in Japan.

Automatic fire alarm equipment 

Emergency broadcasting system and (bell) district acoustic device by the heat generated by the fire by using a detector, and sends it to the receiver the fire signal by sensing the smoke and flames, along with informing the occurrence location of the fire to the administrator of the building by informing the mansion's resident of the building by sounding the alarm sound by sound, it is a facility that promotes the initial fire fighting and evacuation. For more information, see the section of automatic fire alarm equipment.

Emergency warning equipment 

Almost identical to the automatic fire alarm equipment is often the appearance of the bell, such as transmitter, but it is a facility that does not have a detector, the sounding bell, buzzer, siren, etc. at only manually. If the automatic fire alarm system is provided, the installation of this equipment are exempt. ※ is not intended to necessarily be exempt for broadcasting facilities is defined as the equipment.

Fire alarm system to notify the fire department 

It is a device for providing a transmitter (M-type transmitter) to the streets, notify the fire department by pressing a button press the occurrence of fire. In addition, it is as can also be drawn into the building. Its position also can be grasped in the fire engine equipped with a receiver in that it emits a pulse signal of the transmitter unique clockwork. And that the erection of a dedicated communication line is required, the fire department can not gnosis only its location and that it has operated, in such as multiple of mischief and spread of telephone, it was discontinued in 1974, but the law still it exists only above.

In addition, a variant of the unit, if the snatching incident, such as a traffic accident occurs, equipment to video transmission with the camera situation surrounding performed automatically reported to the police with the push of a button "super security lights" has emerged in recent years there.

Notification of fire equipment

I will be detailed regulations on Japan is not a category of fire alarm equipment, but so closely related. Automatic fire alarm system is also activated, and are often able to cause a disaster notification to fire station is delayed.
It is a device or operating a push button installed in the control room and disaster prevention center, and performs notification of fire the fire department automatically in conjunction with an automatic fire alarm system. Phoned 119 automatically starts, and transmits a pre-recorded messages to the device. Since you are using a telephone line, fire department is also possible to call the Disaster Prevention Center or the like which is the installation of fire reporting device. Automatic fire alarm equipment because is notified to the fire department and at the same time to start the case of the interlocking, report it is possible to fire department without any human intervention at all. There is a mandatory installation hospitals and clinics and inns and hotels etc., and in the elderly welfare facilities.

However, in the case of a non-paper fire occurs frequently, there is a need to make doubly sure the maintenance of automatic fire alarm equipment from leading also to be a mobilization of the fire brigade, but not in the fire. In addition, the interlock is cut off without knowing also envisaged. Obligation of notification of the fire is not eliminated with the installation of the device. Deformation of this equipment, automatic reporting device of financial institutions. At the time of robbery, to perform the 110th report, such as location by voice recording at the touch of a button.